Award Ceremony of the Andalusian Karate Federation


II Gala of the Andalusian Federation of Karate

     On July 7 the “II Gala of the Andalusian Federation of Karate” (belonging to the Royal Spanish Federation of Karate) was held in Torremolinos (Malaga).
It is an event that is made to recognize the sporting achievements of recent years in the region of Andalusia (Spain).
The champions of Spain in each category were highlighted, the international athletes, the titles of international and world referees, and the high grades (6th, 7th and 8th Dan).
Having obtained the 6th Dan in December of last year, I was invited to such an event.
I had the honor of receiving a plaque of recognition for obtaining the 6th Dan, and it was given to me by the president of the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the European Karate Federation, Mr. Antonio Espinós (pictured).
From here I want to thank the Andalusian Karate Federation for its great work in favor of Karate in Spain.

Itosu-kai Spain
Jose Rafael Conejo Ruiz.

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