ONAKAI hereby wishes to express it’s outrage and abhorrence of the low levels to which certain Karate Ireland members have now sunk in their continuing efforts to degrade and demean the ONAKAI President Peter Coyle. Their scurrilous allegations against Mr.Coyle and also, incredibly, the World Karate Federation President Mr.Antonio Espinos were put on public view today when posters were put on display for all to see, including some of the world’s highest karate dignitaries, in the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium in Paris, where the 2019 Karate1 Premier League is being held this weekend. These posters were labelled as the Strabane Shotokan Karate Club which is owned by Simon O’Dowd, one of Karate Ireland’s coaches and senior members. They also featured the logos of the World Karate Federation, the Olympic Federation of Ireland and Sport Ireland. We in ONAKAI would question if these actions could seriously be endorsed by any of these agencies? If not, then they should insist that Karate Ireland is no longer permitted to feature their logos on any of their postings.

This is the first time that such an action has ever been taken by a dissenting group or person from any country at a major international karate event. It is outrageous that disgrace and dishonour has been brought to Ireland in such a shameful way by the inconsiderate actions of individuals who totally impugned the integrity of two people who have dedicated their entire lives to the development of karate.