To all ONAKAI members/athletes, and also Karate Ireland members/athletes


To all ONAKAI members/athletes, and also Karate Ireland members/athletes,

Please be advised that a recent email sent to some members and posted on facebook which was directed to Irish kumite athletes by the Karate Ireland group inviting them to participate in a squad training session on Sunday 17th Feb. in the Martial Arts centre in Tallaght, to prepare for the EKF Senior Championships in Guadalajara next month, is INVALID, as only ONAKAI members are eligible to participate there. All Senior EKF preparatory sessions will be overseen by Derek Desmond, and all athletes and coaches to attend at Guadalajara must be approved by the ONAKAI Executive Committee.

Please do not be misled by misinformation being put out by the Karate Ireland group.

Having facilitated a request by Karate Ireland to permit 12 of their athletes to participate in the EKF Junior Championships in Aalborg last week, it was learned that the Karate Ireland group had not even notified the athletes or their parents of their nomination to participate. Some of these parents only learned of their sons and daughter’s participation when they saw the Sportdata registrations. ONAKAI was subsequently subjected to very angry responses from the parents of the Karate Ireland nominated athletes.

The Karate Ireland group’s response to all of this- (Their athlete’s registration for the event by ONAKAI, and the parent’s angry response) was, at the last moment, to withdraw all of their 12 athletes from the event without even notifying ONAKAI, thereby causing ONAKAI much awkwardness, confusion and expense. ONAKAI will not be allowing a recurrence of this conduct in the future.

It has since been shown that this incident was probably part of a cynical exercise by the Karate Ireland group to cause disruption and confusion for the ONAKAI delegation attending Aalborg, as almost all of the 12 Karate Ireland nominated athletes who were withdrawn, had been already entered months ago into another event in Denmark the following week!

Derek Desmond will oversee an ONAKAI Squad training session for Senior Male and Female, as well as Junior squads on Saturday 9th March in the Innis Fails Club, Balgriffin, Dublin, 2 to 4pm, in preparation for the EKF Senior Championships in Guadalajara.



Peter Coyle

ONAKAI President